Monday, September 24, 2012

Contract, Endoresements, Resolving Issues, More...


I hope all is well as many of us begin our week of Parent Conferences.  Please review the following updates:

1.  As a reminder your 2% one time increase will be in your September 28th pay will be in a lump sum payment.

2.  We have not ratified our contract, but we have voted to implement the Tentative Agreements and Memorandum of Understandings that your negotiating team has resolved.  We are going to Fact Finding on:  The rights of Unit Members at the OAK-8 program to transfer to positions in the non-charter sites and The rights of Unit Members at the Charter sites in cases of lay-off, discipline, and dismissal.

3.  Thank you to Cindy Maloney, Anita Perales, Michael Taubenheim, and Lisa Wilkanoski for being on the Interview Panel for OEA's School Board Endorsement.  The Interview Team presented their recommendation to OEA's Rep. Council and both the Interview Team and Rep. Council agreed to endorse Liz Phillips for OUSD School Board.  Your site reps. have copies of the interview questions and the responses submitted by the four candidates that responded to our interview invitation and are happy to share this with you.  The teachers in the Santa Maria-Bonita School District are asking residents to vote for Linda Cordero, Helen Galvan, and John Hollinshead for School Board.  The teachers in the Santa Maria Joint Union High School District are asking residents to vote for Diana Perez and Victor Tognazzini.

4.  Liz Phillips is looking for help to pass out flyers at the following functions:  OCAF Arts Festival on Saturday, Sept. 29th from 10 am- Noon and Albertsons in Orcutt on Sunday, Sept. 30th from 8-11 am.  Please email me ( if you are able to help on these 2 days...also if you would like flyers to pass out on your own I can get some for you next week.  There will be many more opportunities to help with her campaign...I will have sign up sheets at our lunch site visits.

5.  Andy Watson, a teacher from the Santa Maria-Bonita School District on special assignment with CTA,  will be joining me on lunch time site visits to talk about Proposition 30 (yes) and Proposition 32 (no) and any other questions and/or concerns you would like to share with me.

6.  I have just received the CTA pocket calendars and will be delivering them to your Site Rep. this week for distribution.

7.  Please see your OEA Site Rep. to sign up to attend a School Board this year (Oct. 10, Nov. 14, Dec. 12, Jan. 9, Feb. 13, March 13, April 10, May 8).  Your OEA Rep. Council sees great value in having teachers at board meetings.  In October we wanted to share our concerns with Class Size in the OUSD.

8.  Last year Bob and I started meeting once a month with Jan Y. (Human Resources) and Steve Blackie (Grievance Chair) to try to resolve issues before they get to the grievance stage.  Please let me or your site rep. know if you have any concerns that you would like to have brought up at these Labor Management Council (LMC) meetings.  The dates for our meetings are posted on this website along with Rep. Council meetings, Team OEA, and OEA Scholarship forms.

9.  This Friday OEA is sponsoring a TGIF at Orcutt Brew from 4-7 pm.  You are on your own for beverages, but OEA will purchase appetizers.

As always I am available to answer questions, listen to concerns, and help in any way that I can!

Monique L. Segura
Orcutt Educators Associaiton, President

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tentative Agreement


Thank you for your patience as your negotiating team has been working to get the following information out to all of you.  Below you will see the actual Tentative Agreements and Memorandum of Understandings that we are asking you to vote on Tuesday, Sept. 11th at the General Membership Meeting.  We will be going over a "Master MOU" so that we can implement the tentative agreements that have been made.  Please join us on Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2012 at 4 pm in the OAHS Multi-Use Room to review the "Master MOU", answer questions, and vote.  I thank you in advance for your support!

Click here for Tentative Agreement Articles (a pdf will open in a new window).

Monique L. Segura
Orcutt Educators Association, President