Wednesday, June 13, 2012

No Progress - On to Fact Finding


On Tuesday, May 29th your negotiating team met with the administration before mediation.  In that meeting we were able to agree to a tentative agreement on Article IX, Working Days and Hours.  Bob Bush and I also signed the MOU for Transitional Kindergarten Teachers and Kindergarten Teachers to receive up to two (2) compensatory days for TK and K Interviews.

Unfortunately, we did not make any progress in mediation and are moving on to Fact Finding.  Fact Finding is the next step in resolving impasse.  In fact finding, a three-member panel is appointed with one member appointed by the OEA, one by the District, and a neutral chairperson appointed by PERB (Public Employees Relation Board).  Each side presents its arguments like a case before the three-member panel, then those three meet behind closed doors to generate a report, which is written by the neutral chairperson.

That neutral report, with a recommended fair settlement, is submitted to the School Board.  The School Board may accept that report and the settlement becomes the new agreement, OR the School Board may reject that report and impose its last, best, and final offer OR the School Board may do some combination of the two.  At this point, the OEA would be free to take additional collective action against the District.  It is also important to note that, at any time during the process, the parties may decide to come to an agreement on any or all of the issues in dispute.

The issues that are still in dispute are:  Article I/XVII (Employment Rights of All Bargaining Unit Members), Article V (Transfer and Reassignment), Article VIII (Class Size), and Article X (Compensation).  To find more information on our proposals and the districts responses please scroll down on this website.  Your negotiating team will be meeting on Thursday (June 14th) afternoon to review Fact Finding details and we will continue to meet as necessary this summer.  Please continue to keep yourself informed about this process by checking this website periodically during the summer months.

I wish you all a restful break!


Monique L. Segura
OEA President