Thursday, January 8, 2015

Fact Finder Report Does Nothing to Help

Aloha My fellow OEA Members,

I hope you are enjoying the rest of your winter break. I am writing you now to share with you the news about our two-year-old fact finding.

Fact finder, Bonnie Castrey, has issued her report, and it does nothing to help us find a resolution in our conflict with the District over equal rights for charter teachers. Soon we will post her full recommendation and our CTA staff’s response on the Association website, so you can read for yourself.

Ms. Castrey has recommended advisory arbitration as the final step in discipline and dismissal processes for charter teachers. Her recommendation is very vague, and actually could be interpreted as worse than the District’s last, best, and final offer. We made it clear in our response that the fact-finder’s report is full of errors and would be fundamentally unfair to our charter members.

Now the report is in the hands of the School Board. They may impose the fact finders recommendation; or impose their last, best and final offer; or do nothing and continue as things are. Whatever their response, we will continue to bargain for a settlement that is fair to all of our members.


Monique L. Segura
President, Orcutt Educators Association